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April 8, 2014

Korres Wild Rose Moisturizer and Eye Cream Review

Korres Wild Rose Moisturizer and Eye Cream Review
Korres Wild Rose Moisturizer and Eye Cream 

Korres Wild Rose Moisturizer and Eye Cream Review

Korres Wild Rose Moisturizer and Eye Cream Review

Few months ago I bought the Korres Wild Rose set which included 24 hours moisturizing cream and an eye cream. I wanted to get this set for quite some time because I wanted a brightening moisturizer which won't be filled with a lot of "bad" ingredients and Korres is great brand to look for such products.

"Wild Rose fruit is noted for its high vitamin C content that demonstrates significant repairing activity to fine lines and pigmentation disorders. Furthermore, wild Rose oil, rich in linolenic acid, offers significant moisturizing, healing and softening properties. At the same time, it forms a protective film on skin that helps the cell pigmentation and improves the texture of the epidermis."

Buying this I had high hopes but at the same time I wasn't expecting miracles. I was using them everyday in my night routine and I've seen some difference in my skin. In case you don't know I have combination skin and during colder months I tend to get more dry patches than usual. Therefore I need a rather rich moisturizer and the Korres one was more than enough. The cream is rather thick and you don't need a lot, so it will lasts you a long time but on the packaging says that you need to dispose it 6 months after you open it. To be honest I don't know whether that is true or if it's ok to use it for a bit longer, maybe anyone could inform me about that? I've been using the 24 hour moisturizer everyday for 3 months if not longer and I'm only about half way through it. Now, I can't say for sure whether it helps pigmentation disorders or not but I noticed less redness on my face. I have to admit that after applying it my face looks brighter and feels really soft. The only "downside" I could point is the smell which slightly strong and reminds of roses but that only if you mind slightly strong smell, though it becomes less strong over time. Personally I think the smell is ok and it doesn't really bother me so for me there are no downsides.

The eye cream has spf 15 and it supposes to brighten and help with fine lines and dark circles. Even though it has spf I'm using it both at night and day. I like the amount of moisture it provides and the texture is light so it absorbs rather quickly. It slightly brightens the under eye area but unfortunately I don't think it helps dark circles nor fine lines, at least not on a visible scale because I haven't seen any difference. Besides I honestly don't think an eye cream can do much about dark circles because there are many factors that can cause dark circles such as lack of sleep and no cream can't do anything about that.

Overall I like this set and would recommend it  if you are 20 something years old girl and only want simple moisturizer. Have you tried any of the Korres moisturizers? What is you favorite Korres product?

March 16, 2014

Empties #1 Skincare, Makeup and More

Empties ft Lancome, Clinique,Benefit, L'Oreal and moreI don't know about you but I always liked the empties posts because people can say their final opinion about the products and know for sure whether the product is good or not. Personally I have never done one in the past because it was quite hard to collect enough products for one post. I'm honestly  surprised when I see empties posts for girls every 2 weeks or so. How can they finish products so fast? I was trying really hard to finish some products to make empties post but it took me months to collect all these that you see in the pictures.

Although I had a lot of shampoos and conditioner that I could show I decided to narrow it down and include those that I actually liked and that worked for me. As far as shampoos I did enjoy the  L'Oreal Elvive Smooth and Polish [MK] Perfection shampoo. It did leave my hair feeling soft and even though it is quite moisturizing shampoo it didn't make my hair become greasy faster. Also, it has a very pleasant smell which unfortunately didn't stay on hair for long. The conditioner that I loved and it might be the best that I have tried is from L'Oreal Elvive from the same line as the shampoo. It made my hair feel incredibly soft and smooth. Although I'm not a huge fan of hair masks I did try one which I quite liked but can't say that I liked it enough to repurchase it for sure. The Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair 1 min mask with liquid keratin has an amazing perfume-y smell that stay on hair for 1 or 2 hours and it did great job at conditioning my hair. What I liked the most is the fact that it's a 1 minute mask and you don't have to wait 5 or more minutes which was always the annoying part of hair mask for me.

Let's move on to makeup removing. First is the L'Oreal Micellar Water and I'm currently on my second bottle of it. I do like it and it does good job at removing makeup for a good price. Although I'm on second bottle I won't purchase it again because Garnier released same water and offers double the amount for the product for same amount of money. You can read my detailed review on both here and here. Next is the L'Oreal Bi-phase eye makeup remover, the waterproof version, and it might be the best drugstore bi-phase eye makeup remover. I have tried several other from different brands but I found the L'Oreal one doing the best job. It removes everything without making my vision slightly blurry. One of those other makeup removers is the Nivea Double Effect eye makeup remover which was ok but I definitely wouldn't purchase it again because it wasn't as effective as the L'Oreal one.
Empties ft Lancome, Clinique,Benefit, L'Oreal and more
In a long search for a good and effective deodorant I found the Dove Go Fresh with pomegranate and lemon verbena scent. Not only it has a slightly fruity and very pleasant smell but it also lasts for a long time. I've been using it when I was going to gym and it kept me nice-smelling throughout my whole work out. Now I'm using one from the same line but with lemon and grass because I didn't find this version.

As far as moisturizers I have two. The first is in travel size of Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief . It has almost gel like consistency and it is the perfect moisturizer for my combination skin during warmer months. I was really close to purchasing the full size but because I happened to try the Garnier Moisture Match for combination to oily skin I didn't purchase it. The Garnier one is a light moisturizer with green tea extract which also provides enough moisture for my skin during warmer months and it absorbs into my skin really quickly.
Empties ft Lancome, Clinique,Benefit, L'Oreal and more
Finally let's talk about makeup empties. First things first, you see many mascaras because I recently went through my makeup collection and decided to throw away all the old and dried mascaras and not all of them are actually empty. Also I forgot to include two from MUA, the extreme curl and extreme volume, which I only used once or maybe twice and didn't like them at all! My least favorite was the Smashbox Full Exposure mascara. It's definitely not bad but for less money you can get the same effect which is a bit of volume and length. I wasn't impressed that's why I only used it few times. You can read a full review here. Next mascara is Lancome Hypnose Drama. I used it up completely, well at least until it became dry and not easy to work with. Even though it gave a lovely effect to my lashes I wouldn't purchase it again simply because the result doesn't justify the money, over 30 euros here in Greece. I have a full review here.
The last two are in my all time favorites list. Max Factor False Lash Effect is an amazing drugstore mascara which adds lots of volume and length but also separates you lashes. I think this was my second if not third tube of it. Lastly, Benefit Badgal Lash mascara is a love at first sight. Gives lots of volume and length and lashes really look almost like I was wearing falsies whenever I had this mascara on. I was really close to purchase the full size but I didn't because I received another mascara which I liked and I find it pointless to have more than 1 or 2 mascaras at the same time.

Probably more than a year ago I had purchased the Revlon ColorStay Active foundation. It has a lighter coverage than the original ColorStay but it stays on for as long as the original. Unfortunately  later I found out that it was discontinued but some shades are, surprisingly, still available on ebay. Next are two eyeshadow primers from elf, the Eyelid Primer and the Mineral Eyeshadow Primer. Both are great primers for the price but I definitely prefer the Mineral primer because it performs better. You can read a comparison review here. The last item is the Elf Wet Gloss Lash and Brow Clear Mascara. The tube you see might be my 5th and it's a great cheap clear mascara which I use to set my brow hair in place.

Phew, that's it for my empties. That's a Long post but hope you enjoyed it. Let's know in the comments below if you prefer small empties posts with like 4-5 items or big ones like this.

March 8, 2014

February Beauty Favorites

February Beauty Favorites ft L'oreal, Maybelline, OPI and Inglot

February Beauty Favorites ft L'oreal, Maybelline, OPI and Inglot
I haven't posted about my monthly favorites in quite a while so I thought I would talk about my February favorites specially since I've tried several new products. I decided to include my absolute favorite products that's why I have only 7 to show you.

Skincare wise I have one item to talk about; the L'Oreal Skin Perfection Serum. I've been using it mainly in the morning instead of moisturizer because my skin isn't dry those days and doesn't need a lot of moisture, though sometimes I apply in the evening too after I remove my makeup because I love how my skin looks and feels after. I want to try it for couple more weeks and I will write a proper review about the whole Skin Perfection line.

For my hair I've been loving the Garnier Fructis Brushing Express oil; a new hair oil from Garnier. It's a heat protecting oil which also suppose to reduce the time you need to blow dry your hair. All I'm gonna say for now is that it actually works! Again a review of it will be soon up on my blog.

For my nails I have a nail polish that I own for quite some time now and I loved it from the very first use; it's the OPI Step Right Up. A lovely milky white nail polish that makes the perfect base for that professional looking french manicure. I've been reaching out for this beauty a lot because in the past month I had french manicure pretty much all the time.

Maybelline Rocket Volume mascara is a, let's say, old favorite of mine. This tube is actually my second one and I love the effect it gives to my lashes. It adds volume and length and generally is one of my favorite mascaras.

Inglot pearl eyeshadows in #397 and #421. I wore this combo many times in the past month. The #397 is a beautiful pinkish champagne which I use all over the lid while #421 is a lovely chocolate brown shade and I use it in the outer corner. If you want to see some swatches then read my review here.

For my lips I have two products. Finally after such a long time Maybelline baby lips are available in stores here in Greece. So from the 6 original baby lips the one I like the most is the Intense Care because it really moisturizes my lips.
I also tried one lipstick from Maybelline's new lipstick line, the super stay 14 hour. The shade I have is the Infinitely Fuchsia which way way out my comfort zone but guess what? I'm in love with this color. I never thought that I would wear such bright color but here I am including it in my favorites. Also, it is has blue undertone so it makes your teeth appear whiter which is a bonus. A more detailed review with swatches will be up on my blog in the next couple days.

So those are my February favorites. Let me know in the comments below if you have tried any of these products as well as your favorites.