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April 22, 2015

Current Favorite Beauty and Fashion Items

I haven't done favorites post in a while so I thought it's time to change that but instead of doing monthly favorites I decided to show you some fashion and beauty items that I love and use pretty much on daily basis.
Favorite Beauty and Fashion products feat Revlon, Rayban, Body Shop and more
I will start with my beauty products. Revlon Colorstay foundation is an oldie but a goodie. I loved it since the very first time that I bought it and and it's exactly what I want from a foundation, good coverage with great longevity. I'm almost out of it and while I will definitely purchase it again in near future, for now I bought another foundation which turned out to be really good and I will review it on my blog really soon.

Another makeup item that I use on daily basis is the Catrice Liquid Liner Waterproof. Lately I've been a fan of the simple winged liner look with no eyeshadow so I need an eyeliner that will stay put without primer and this bad boy doesn't budge throughout the day. It's very opaque, easy to apply plus it's quite cheap, what more could you want from an eyeliner?

While I'm not a lipstick girl there are some times that I decide to rock some bold lips specially now that Spring is here. The lipstick that I mainly tend to grab is the Maybelline SuperStay 14hr in Infinitely Fuchsia which, as the name suggests, is a bright fuchsia color. This baby is not only opaque but stays on for really long, definitely not for 14 hours but still it has great longevity for a lipstick.

The perfume that I been wearing almost everyday since I got it is the Body Shop White Mush Smoky Rose. I literally felt in love with it from the very first sniff; it's a light floral - musk and definitely  seductive scent.

First fashion item that I want to feature is my watch. Although I'm not a huge fan of gold accessories I simply adore this watch; it's the Swatch Full Blooded. It's definitely on the chunkier side but I never liked dainty watches so you will never see my wearing one of those barely there watches. The little rhinestones that have replaced the numbers is a really pretty detail which makes this watch less casual but you can still rock it at day and night.

Here in Greece it doesn't matter whether it's Winter or Summer and sun is pretty strong so you need to protect your eyes. The sunglasses that I tend to opt for are the classic RayBan Wayfarer in matte black simply because they go with everything. The funny thing is that before I try these on I didn't like this design at all and never thought that they would look good on me but apparently I was completely wrong because now I want to purchase them in more colors.

The last favorite is an really odd one for me considering the fact that I'm not book person at all. I'm sure by now you all know the Girl Online by Zoe Sugg aka Zoella. I was really tempted to buy it online but then I found out that there is a translated in Greek version of it ( For my Greek readers: Η μεταφρασμένη έκδοση του βιβλίου κυκλοφορεί απο τις εκδόσεις  Α.Α. Λιβάνη. H μετάφραση είναι πολύ καλή και το βιβλίο διαβάζεται εύκολα.) so I decided to give it a go. The story is good and enjoyable; it's about a teenage girl who decides to blog about things that happen in her life. To my surprise there were parts where I could actually relate myself to and overall even for me, person who rather hates reading, this was a really pleasant and easy to read book.

So these are my current favorites things that I use pretty much daily, well except for the book which I finished reading. Let me know in the comments below if you have tried any of the products that I mentioned. Till next time, love Anna


  1. Lovely products Anna, Revlon Colorstay is my favorite foundation in general and I really like the lipstick and the perfume (I own them too) ! :) x

  2. Lovely products I have the White Musk too... though I dont wear it often I agree about the sent! Its gorgeous!


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